Travel Print Gallery Wall

The latest project I am working on is a travel print gallery wall in our hallway. We already have a photo collage of all the places we’ve been in our dining room – pictures we took on our vacations that I put in matching pottery barn wood gallery picture frames.

Photo collage

– but I wanted something for the hallway that was more graphic/colorful. I’ve been pinning prints for the last year or so on my pinterest board and finally pulled the trigger in ordering all of them. I found the best sources were Etsy and Society6.

Next I had to find frames and some of the prints I ordered were non-standard frame shapes (13×13, 14×17, etc.) I went to Hobby Lobby first and found that buying already framed art vs. photo frames was a lot cheaper but had to sift through a lot of items / measure them to make sure they were the right size. Also make sure when you are doing this that the back is removable and the mat as well.  I also found the arrow and explore flag at Hobby Lobby which I thought would add some variety amongst all the prints. I also went to Home Goods where I found several standard size frames that were already matted for my 8×10 prints. I bought a few more than I would need in different colors / styles so I could see what looked best.

Then I started laying out the prints on the frames to see what fit the best artwork / frame wise. I just did this on my dining room table. I tried some different combinations before I started putting them all in the frames.

mock arrangement.JPG

Once I committed to the framing I started moving things around on my table to see what arrangement I wanted to put on the wall. I have a few more prints still to come in / frame but this is how it’s looking so far.

travel wall arrange

Here is the finished project on the wall in our hallway!


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